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How To Travel Without Money

April 25, 2017
How To Travel Without Money

How can you travel without money? It doesn’t make any sense right? Wrong. Actually, traveling for free is more common than you might think, so grab your pen and paper and start taking some notes. Don’t wait around until you finally have the money for a big trip. Instead, take some time to learn how to travel hack, get free travel or travel cheaply. I once ran out of money while traveling, and because of these techniques, it wasn’t so…

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Want To Visit The Caribbean On A Budget? Now You Can

February 26, 2017
What to do on Grand Cayman

Ah, the Caribbean, just the name sounds dreamy doesn’t it? Aside from pirates and Johnny Depp, I always pictured beautiful women in floppy hats drinking daiquiris on the beach. A huge hub for luxurious cruise lines and notoriously expensive, I always thought of the Caribbean as a high roller destination, reserved for the rich and famous. If someone told me I would be wandering the beaches of Grand Cayman this year, I probably wouldn’t have believed them. However, it totally…

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Breckenridge Creative Arts: What to do in Breckenridge Colorado

January 31, 2017
What to do in Breckenridge Colorado

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I’ve been a bit busy trying to get my new life together. If you’ve been following along with my journey, you know that I spent about two months living in Breckenridge, Colorado with some friends and my pets. Those two months were the perfect introduction back into the U.S and I spent my time chasing the cats out from under the bed, drinking craft beer, camping in the Rockies, watching…

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The Top 5 Classes And Workshops to Take in Berlin

June 29, 2016
chocolate making berlin

Berlin has got the history, the culture, the nightlife and the quirky underbelly; leaving visitors with plenty to keep them busy. One visit to the city may not even be enough as the sights and sounds have their way of luring people back again.   If you have been to Berlin before or want to turn your trip into a more well rounded experience, consider taking one of these classes or workshops. You can dive into the city’s culture and…

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How to Succeed as a Volunteer Abroad

June 29, 2016

Lives Abroad has teamed up with Thomson Flights on this post to tell you how working as an overseas volunteer is a rewarding, exciting experience, and can even be a life-changing one. Though there are no financial benefits, there are numerous other potential gains; from increasing personal confidence to enhancing your resume. Spending some time in deciding in advance what you want to get from a volunteer placement will ensure that you make a real difference on the ground. These five…

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5 Travelers Share How Travel Helped Them Form Careers

May 23, 2016

Once I graduated from college, it seemed like I was faced with a choice. Get a job in my field and start working my way up the ladder OR travel. The former was the preferred route of society and the people around me and the latter was viewed more like a forfeit or a risk. While I know that in places like the UK or Australia, gap years and time spent traveling is accepted and often encouraged, it seems that…

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Top Overseas Volunteer Programs for Summer 2016

May 16, 2016

Being a volunteer abroad is an excellent opportunity to travel to places in the world you wouldn’t normally see while, at the same time, helping the local community with a specific project in aid of an excellent cause. There are some very exciting volunteer opportunities available over the summer of 2016 to take you on your travels to beautiful countries and immerse yourself in the local culture and customs while also learning valuable new skills. * International Volunteer HQ This…

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I Was Inspired to Travel Because My Brother Had Cancer

May 11, 2016

The first time I ever got on a plane was because my brother had cancer. Sure, we used to travel to the Jersey Shore every summer as kids, but this time, it involved a plane, it felt more real. <3 We found out at a soccer game, Ryan’s team had just shot the winning goal and he lifted his shirt up in a heat releasing victory dance. My mom was the one who saw it, all the way across the…

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Hiking To Mueller’s Hut At Mt. Cook, New Zealand

May 7, 2016
hiking to mueller's hut mt. cook

Don’t let the epic photos fool you. I cried like a baby on the way up AND down. I’ve hiked mountains before but this is the first time I actually climbed UP one, hands and all. It wasn’t easy and for me, didn’t seem totally worth it in the end but it was an EXPERIENCE, and that’s what us travelers are looking for aren’t we?   If you want to climb to a mountain hut and stay overnight at the…

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Give Back While Vacationing in The UK

May 4, 2016

Every now and then, people deserve a break from their regular lives and go on extended vacations to relax and see the world beyond their immediate community. Though the issue for some with these month-long holidays is having a little too much free time.   There are those that simply cannot function without a schedule or require a specific purpose for their travels, and if you happen to fall under that category, you should probably consider volunteering on your next…

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