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5 Travelers Share How Travel Helped Them Form Careers

May 23, 2016

Once I graduated from college, it seemed like I was faced with a choice. Get a job in my field and start working my way up the ladder OR travel. The former was the preferred route of society and the people around me and the latter was viewed more like a forfeit or a risk. While I know that in places like the UK or Australia, gap years and time spent traveling is accepted and often encouraged, it seems that…

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How a Chinese Muslim Helped This American Atheist Realize That No One Escapes The 20-Something Struggle

December 30, 2015

Beth was part of my plan to get out of Thailand. She was a means to an end. I needed to make some extra cash to quit my teaching job, pack my bags and move to Bali for a new start.   Plus, teaching Beth would be easy. She was a 25 year old translator in China with incredible English skills and I would only have to make conversation with her via Skype a few times a week. I took…

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I Left My Boyfriend to Follow My Dreams

December 1, 2015
ha long bay vietnam

Thirteen months to be exact, that’s how long I went without seeing my boyfriend. I saw him on a screen every day but not once did I get to hold his hand or wedge my face into that cozy space between his jaw and shoulder. Leaving Josh wasn’t easy. We had met in high school, fallen in love and have been together ever since. Josh and I were the sickly cute couple, building ginger bread houses at Christmas and carving…

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A Re-cap of My Journey to Nomad-hood

May 13, 2015

Almost two years into my nomadic journey and I have finally started a blog. Now it’s time to catch you up on why I left, what I’ve been doing and where I am at in my current journey. I don’t want to bore you, so here it is, in a nut shell…….. I graduated from college with a political science degree, framed the most expensive piece of paper I have ever purchased and continued my waitressing career, simultaneously applying for…

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11 Things That Scared Me When I Moved Abroad (That I Overcame)

May 12, 2015

Fear-sometimes it stops us in our tracks. It’s a dream crushing, soul stifling, weakness inducing little worm that eats into the apple of our world. Every dream I have is encased in fear of one kind or the other and if I let it stop me, well, I wouldn’t do a damn thing. Here are just a few of the many things that scared me while moving and living abroad. 1.) Leaving my boyfriend for over a year to live…

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