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Breckenridge Creative Arts: What to do in Breckenridge Colorado

January 31, 2017
What to do in Breckenridge Colorado

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I’ve been a bit busy trying to get my new life together. If you’ve been following along with my journey, you know that I spent about two months living in Breckenridge, Colorado with some friends and my pets. Those two months were the perfect introduction back into the U.S and I spent my time chasing the cats out from under the bed, drinking craft beer, camping in the Rockies, watching…

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The Top 5 Classes And Workshops to Take in Berlin

June 29, 2016
chocolate making berlin

Berlin has got the history, the culture, the nightlife and the quirky underbelly; leaving visitors with plenty to keep them busy. One visit to the city may not even be enough as the sights and sounds have their way of luring people back again.   If you have been to Berlin before or want to turn your trip into a more well rounded experience, consider taking one of these classes or workshops. You can dive into the city’s culture and…

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Books That Will De-Program You From Society (American Society At Least)

March 5, 2016

I feel like I am de-programmed from American society. It happened over time and it didn’t happen completely, but my views on life, government, authority and the way things SHOULD be has dramatically shifted over the years. I don’t know what happened and I don’t know why but I DO know that I have read a lot of books that keep fueling this fire which is slowly burning away at the foundation of the “American Dream” that was beat into…

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Cooking Thai Food in Chiang Mai

January 24, 2016
How to cook traditional Thai food at Time For Lime

Cooking has never been my strong point. I’m inherently impatient to follow directions and the thought of doing dishes is enough to make me avoid the kitchen altogether.   I had a couple cookbooks when I first moved out on my own but they were treated just like the decorative candles on my shelves-occasionally wiped of dust and put back on display.   For a while, I brushed off my lack of cooking skills as comical and cute but the…

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Workshop: A Place For Personal Growth and Gaining Skills in Melbourne, Australia

January 19, 2016
Workshop, melbourne Australia

Maybe your college degree is failing you. Perhaps you are starved for a creative outlet. Is it possible that you could benefit from a new hobby other than snuggling with your cat? If this is resonating with you, as it certainly does for me, Workshop in Melbourne may shoot right on up there to the top of your itinerary.   What Is Workshop? The workshop concept was brought to life by Matt and Chester, two friends who wanted to provide…

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Taking an Art Class in Ubud, Bali

November 9, 2015
Bali art, ubud art class

Ubud is absolutely overflowing with opportunities to gain new skills and explore potential hobbies. Advertisements for Balinese dance lessons hang from resort windows and art class offerings are sneakily stuck into local galleries. A significant portion of the expat population is enrolled in yoga teacher trainings and classes offering barista lessons and raw food chef certifications are easy to find. Overwhelmed with my options, I decided to narrow it down and take an art class to better understand the local…

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Travel Blogger Retreat on Koh Phangan, Thailand

October 30, 2015
Travel Blogger Retreat

I did it! My cheap ass finally decided to man up and invest some money into something that I really believe I can do. I had started a travel blog back in college “This is me Living”, paid my 14 year old, whiz kid cousin to set up my WordPress site and write some code (yeah, he was 14 and taught himself how to code!) and started writing articles. I had the ideas, I had the travel experiences, but I…

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Learning to Ride a Motorbike in Thailand

August 13, 2015

Updated on April, 2017 As I drove my rickety Honda Civic to high school every morning, I have to admit that I felt like a bad ass as I passed the school buses with my screamo band of the day blaring through the windows. Sometimes I got to keep my feeling of vehicle superiority but other days it was stolen from me by one of my classmates. Jen. We weren’t friends in high school but I couldn’t help but notice…

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