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5 Reasons Why Travel Makes Life Better: According to a Solo Female Backpacker

October 18, 2017
Live abroad

  This week, Mada, a 20-something backpacker from Romania, shares why she thinks travel makes life better. She’s been traveling around South America, drinking wine, and falling in love with life every single day. Here’s what she had to say: I don’t come from a restless family or even the type of family that goes on vacation more than once every couple of years. And when we do, we stay with relatives. I recall summers full of freedom at the…

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11 Bizarre Ways You’ll Need to Prepare For Life In China

October 14, 2017
Life in China

  Life in China is like a lucid dream. At times, it’s so bizarre that you wonder if it’s even real. Stumbling upon a bag of live chickens in the trunk of a car, or a man slaughtering snakes on a street corner is half the fun.   But, preparing for life in China BEFORE you arrive may ease the blow of culture shock. I moved to China to teach English with absolutely no idea what to expect. When I arrived,…

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5 Travelers Share How Travel Helped Them Form Careers

May 23, 2016

Once I graduated from college, it seemed like I was faced with a choice. Get a job in my field and start working my way up the ladder OR travel. The former was the preferred route of society and the people around me and the latter was viewed more like a forfeit or a risk. While I know that in places like the UK or Australia, gap years and time spent traveling is accepted and often encouraged, it seems that…

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I Was Inspired to Travel Because My Brother Had Cancer

May 11, 2016

The first time I ever got on a plane was because my brother had cancer. Sure, we used to travel to the Jersey Shore every summer as kids, but this time, it involved a plane, it felt more real. <3 We found out at a soccer game, Ryan’s team had just shot the winning goal and he lifted his shirt up in a heat releasing victory dance. My mom was the one who saw it, all the way across the…

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What Happens When You go Broke From Traveling

April 7, 2016

I spent all of my money traveling. Well, I suppose that ALL of it is a bit dramatic. I checked my bank account today and $402 is all that’s in it. Even less now that I bought a can of beans and a pepper for dinner. $ Actually, I think that this is the least amount of money I’ve ever had in my whole life. I mean, even before I started on the babysitting hustle at age 12 (yup, people…

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Thoughts on Living in a Van And Traveling Around New Zealand + My Upcoming Travel Plans

April 4, 2016
buying a campervan in auckland new zealand

Two days and I’m on a plane out of Auckland. For a little over three months, we have been living out of a van and traveling around the entire country of New Zealand. It’s the longest I’ve lived in a country that was quite similar to my own, which gave me the time to really analyze the differences and how I feel about them.   And, while I’ve taken extended road trips before, this is the first time that I…

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Thoughts On Going “Home”

March 31, 2016

Our time in New Zealand is coming to an end. Some days, it feels like that end is way too far away and others, like today, it seems quite near. In just under one week, our epic journey from China all the way down to New Zealand comes to an end and we begin our travels back “home.”   When we come across NZ locals asking us about our travels here, we tell them that soon we will travel back…

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A Week in The Life New Zealand

February 3, 2016

People don’t know what the hell I’m doing these days. My friends think I’m living “The Life.” My family thinks I’m “So Lucky.” And My former co-workers think I’m “on vacation.”     The truth is, all of those perceptions are true but also completely false at the same time.     Like I’ve done while living in Thailand and Bali, I recorded everything I did for a week while living in New Zealand. While every week for me is…

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I Left My Boyfriend to Follow My Dreams

December 1, 2015
ha long bay vietnam

Thirteen months to be exact, that’s how long I went without seeing my boyfriend. I saw him on a screen every day but not once did I get to hold his hand or wedge my face into that cozy space between his jaw and shoulder. Leaving Josh wasn’t easy. We had met in high school, fallen in love and have been together ever since. Josh and I were the sickly cute couple, building ginger bread houses at Christmas and carving…

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Getting a Little Too Close To Nature in Bali

November 29, 2015
Bali Nature

I’m scared that an ant is going to crawl into my vagina. Honestly, I really am. Every time I use the toilet, I have to check under the seat before sitting down. Sometimes, when too many antennas pop up from the rim of the bowl, I just pee standing up, my best girl version of it anyway. When Josh and I moved to Bali, we were most impressed by our house. The bathroom was outside and we could take hot…

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