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How to Travel Off the Beaten Path in Charlotte, North Carolina

May 24, 2017
Charlotte north carolina off the beaten path

Don’t be like all of the other Charlotte, North Carolina, tourists! Come on, you’re more creative than that. While the city’s main attractions are certainly worth a visit, there are some pretty quirky hangouts if you know where to look. Bird Song Brewing Company What better way to get to know local tastes than to try out one of the breweries? Charlotte has a lot of them, but Bird Song is a favorite for its quirky offerings. This brewery has…

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How To Travel Without Money

April 25, 2017
How To Travel Without Money

How can you travel without money? It doesn’t make any sense right? Wrong. Actually, traveling for free is more common than you might think, so grab your pen and paper and start taking some notes. Don’t wait around until you finally have the money for a big trip. Instead, take some time to learn how to travel hack, get free travel or travel cheaply. I once ran out of money while traveling, and because of these techniques, it wasn’t so…

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Want To Visit The Caribbean On A Budget? Now You Can

February 26, 2017
What to do on Grand Cayman

Ah, the Caribbean, just the name sounds dreamy doesn’t it? Aside from pirates and Johnny Depp, I always pictured beautiful women in floppy hats drinking daiquiris on the beach. A huge hub for luxurious cruise lines and notoriously expensive, I always thought of the Caribbean as a high roller destination, reserved for the rich and famous. If someone told me I would be wandering the beaches of Grand Cayman this year, I probably wouldn’t have believed them. However, it totally…

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I Was Inspired to Travel Because My Brother Had Cancer

May 11, 2016

The first time I ever got on a plane was because my brother had cancer. Sure, we used to travel to the Jersey Shore every summer as kids, but this time, it involved a plane, it felt more real. <3 We found out at a soccer game, Ryan’s team had just shot the winning goal and he lifted his shirt up in a heat releasing victory dance. My mom was the one who saw it, all the way across the…

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Hiking To Mueller’s Hut At Mt. Cook, New Zealand

May 7, 2016
hiking to mueller's hut mt. cook

Don’t let the epic photos fool you. I cried like a baby on the way up AND down. I’ve hiked mountains before but this is the first time I actually climbed UP one, hands and all. It wasn’t easy and for me, didn’t seem totally worth it in the end but it was an EXPERIENCE, and that’s what us travelers are looking for aren’t we?   If you want to climb to a mountain hut and stay overnight at the…

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What Happens When You go Broke From Traveling

April 7, 2016

I spent all of my money traveling. Well, I suppose that ALL of it is a bit dramatic. I checked my bank account today and $402 is all that’s in it. Even less now that I bought a can of beans and a pepper for dinner. $ Actually, I think that this is the least amount of money I’ve ever had in my whole life. I mean, even before I started on the babysitting hustle at age 12 (yup, people…

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Thoughts on Living in a Van And Traveling Around New Zealand + My Upcoming Travel Plans

April 4, 2016
buying a campervan in auckland new zealand

Two days and I’m on a plane out of Auckland. For a little over three months, we have been living out of a van and traveling around the entire country of New Zealand. It’s the longest I’ve lived in a country that was quite similar to my own, which gave me the time to really analyze the differences and how I feel about them.   And, while I’ve taken extended road trips before, this is the first time that I…

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Thoughts On Going “Home”

March 31, 2016

Our time in New Zealand is coming to an end. Some days, it feels like that end is way too far away and others, like today, it seems quite near. In just under one week, our epic journey from China all the way down to New Zealand comes to an end and we begin our travels back “home.”   When we come across NZ locals asking us about our travels here, we tell them that soon we will travel back…

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A New Zealand Farm Stay: Rare Breed Animals and Craft Workshops

March 29, 2016
New Zealand farm stay and craft classes

Baby alpacas. I repeat, BABY, alpacas. Barely able to stand on their new sets of legs, and awkwardly running to chase birds is what I watched these little cuties do every day that I woke up on Warwickz Farm. Driving around New Zealand, there are clearly more farms than towns and more sheep than people. Seemingly a huge part of their culture, I wanted to get out of the van, away from the tourist sites and onto a farm. I…

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Auckland’s Ponsonby Street: A Place For Art, Food, Innovation and History

March 14, 2016

I tend to gravitate towards Hipsters these days. And, similar to my visit to Melbourne, when I find them, I usually stay there.     Ponsonby has a past truly fitting for the interesting and quirky atmosphere it exudes today. It’s surrounding areas were once significant points for trading, fishing and camping for the Maori population but as years progressed, the neighborhood changed quite rapidly. Home to the working and middle class, the area eventually become quite run down from…

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