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Hiking The Tongariro Alpine Crossing In New Zealand

February 18, 2016
Tongariro Crossing hiking in New Zealand

We walked for eight hours. EIGHT HOURS! But, every step was beautiful and I can’t even complain about my sore Achilles.   Rated one of New Zealand’s top walks, the Tongariro crossing was just another one of those things that I heard was a “must-do” in New Zealand. And, since we didn’t plan much, and the name rang a bell, we went for it. There’s a volcano, seemingly desolate landscape, emerald pools of sulfur stinking water and miles of flowered…

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Seeing The Glow Worms At New Zealand’s Waitomo Caves

February 15, 2016
glowworms in waitomo caves new zealand

The ceilings of these caves are full of worms. While the worms that I know are busy excavating around tree roots, these guys are just hanging out, making their butts glow and attracting bugs into their lair to feast on.   I had heard about New Zealand’s infamous glowworms years ago, and I finally had my chance to see them. The town of Waitomo doesn’t have a whole lot going on (except for a pretty sweet wood-chopping competition in the…

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What To Do In New Zealand’s Coromandel

February 9, 2016
Hot water beach new zealand

No one bothered to tell me what the Coromandel was.   “The Coromandel is beautiful!”, they said. “You’ve got to take a drive up to the Coromandel!”, they stressed. I nodded in agreement, saying that “yes, yes…I must.” But, I didn’t know what the hell they were talking about.   A farm, a restaurant, a beach? I couldn’t figure it out and for some reason, I couldn’t stop picturing a mantel piece. Mantel…Mandel…… It turns out, the Coromandel is an…

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A Week in The Life New Zealand

February 3, 2016

People don’t know what the hell I’m doing these days. My friends think I’m living “The Life.” My family thinks I’m “So Lucky.” And My former co-workers think I’m “on vacation.”     The truth is, all of those perceptions are true but also completely false at the same time.     Like I’ve done while living in Thailand and Bali, I recorded everything I did for a week while living in New Zealand. While every week for me is…

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An Independent New Zealand Road Trip: How to Buy a Campervan in Auckland

February 2, 2016
buying a campervan in auckland new zealand

People in New Zealand are living out of vans.   There are loads of them and most aren’t native to the country. Unlike the backpackers interrailing around Europe, the travelers in New Zealand are seeing the country on four wheels.   There are tour companies that will take travelers around, but I liked the idea of doing it on my own terms. I thought that buying a van and touring the country was just an idea that I had, but…

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The Best Places to Eat And Drink in Melbourne ( Especially If You’re Vegan And Love Hipster Stuff)

January 12, 2016
Where to eat and drink in melbourne, australia

All I did in Melbourne was eat and drink. It’s true. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I had been in Asia for the past two years, but nothing sounded better to me than chugging craft beer and stuffing vegan creations into my face.   And, as I slowly discovered while sipping on coffee at trendy cafes and drooling over cruelty free cupcakes, I loved everything that was hipster too. If you happen to be heading to…

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The Ultimate Ubud Guide

January 7, 2016

After living in Ubud, Bali for 2 months, I have created the Ultimate Ubud Guide. I decided to save the stories for my blog and give you a straight forward, low on the fluff, everything you need to know kind of guide. Here you go….   Where to Stay Pangkung House The Pangkung House was in a traditional, Balinese housing complex and had air conditioning, a comfy bed and homemade breakfast delivered right to your room in the morning. They…

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Nusa Penida Island: A Destination For Independent Travelers

January 2, 2016
nusa penida

I almost died on Nusa Penida. Kind of.   Alright, “almost died” may be a bit dramatic, but we did almost get hit by an oncoming truck when we stopped in the middle of the road to lovingly gaze at a little piglet, shivering in the rain.   In fact, this was one of the few times in my life that I have ever seen a piglet and I’m pretty sure that Nusa Penida had more of them than people.…

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Top 8 Reasons to Visit Ubud, Bali

December 11, 2015
yoga in ubud bali

To Do Yoga Ubud is yogi heaven. It’s tranquil, laid back and the nature scenes are endless. The entire town is filled with people touting yoga mats, wearing spandex and discussing the psychedelic visions they had during their last class. There are yoga studios on almost every street, spiritual chanting going on in the background and rice field views to look out at while in tree pose. Many of the studios in town also offer yoga teacher training so people…

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Why The Scammers of SE Asia Are Ruining it For Themselves

December 7, 2015
South East Asia Scams

I just want to start off by saying that this has little to do with money. What this is about is morals, principal, knowing right from wrong and being a decent person.   I want to address the amount of tourist scams going on in SE Asia. Let me just stop to mention that I’m fully aware of the backlash this is going to get me.   From the “What does it matter? You have a lot more money than…

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