How to Get to Sapa From Hanoi: The Only Guide You’ll Need

May 3, 2015

How to Get to Sapa From Hanoi

Updated: 2017

Travel to Sapa By Bus

If you want to get to Sapa from Hanoi, a bus journey  tends to be the most convenient option. It typically takes between five and six hours to arrive in Sapa from Hanoi.

There are several bus companies and they all leave from the center of Hanoi. I took the Sapa Express.

The bus was brand new, comfortable and the service provided water, snacks and even one of those cushy little neck pillows.

(This isn’t the bus that I took. But, it’s an interesting option that you may want to consider.)

Tickets can be purchased at the office. At the time, they cost around $15  USD round trip.

Once in Sapa, the bus will drop you off and pick you back up right within the middle of the town.

This website lists each bus company along with their prices and departure points. You can also book your bus trip right from the site.

This website takes it a bit further by offering the schedules for each bus from Hanoi to Sapa. 

Travel to Sapa By Train

Taking a train from Hanoi to Sapa is an easy alternative to the bus. The train station is called Ga Ha Noi, and it can be found on Le Duan Street.

It’s not too far from the center of the Old Quarter, and the name is easy to see on the front of the building.

The concept of a line is pretty vague here, so things can get a little confusing. This article actually does a great job of describing exactly how to navigate the train station.

You’ll have a few choices when it comes to trains.

The standard SP1, SP2, SP3, and SP4 trains have very few stops and run daily. These trains offer regular seating as well as sleeper carts.


There are a few privately owned train lines as well. These include: Tulico Express, Fansipan Express, Orient Express, TSC Express, Ratraco Express, Royal Express, Hara Express, Green Express, and Tulico Express. These offer a variety of private sleeper and regular sleeper cart options.

Prices vary depending on which train and seat/cart you choose.

Booking tickets a few days in advance is recommended.

This website does an amazing job of breaking down each train company and cart option. It gives you prices, schedules, and details on the train experience. 

On the day of your train journey, expect the ride to take around eight to nine hours. The train will stop at Lao Cai station, where you will then need to take a bus or taxi to Sapa. It will take an additional 50 minutes from the train station.

How to Get to Sapa From Hanoi

Photo Source: Vietnam Railway

Travel to Sapa By Car

If you don’t want to take public transportation from Hanoi to Sapa, you can hire a private car and driver.

This option can be pretty expensive, with prices ranging from $150 USD to more than $200 one way.

For some travelers it may be worth the price since you won’t have to wait for others. And, you can stop off for bathroom and food breaks as often as you would like.

Most companies will pick you up from the Hanoi airport or from your hotel.

Golden Holiday Travel, HTS Tour, and Sapa Ethnic are a few companies to check out.


Best Place To Stay in Sapa

  The best hotels sapa vietnam

Sapa is a tourist town and has plenty of hotels for you to choose from. They range from a measly $3 a night budget rooms to $30 and up for swankier places. Many overlook the mountains and villages an can be booked in advance online or right then and there when you show up. We stayed in the Cat Cat View Hotel and loved it!

Cat Cat View Hotel

Sapa where to stay

Where to stay Sapa

Where to stay in Sapa Vietnam

Check reviews and rates HERE

Sapa Mountain Sun Hotel

Guests will have access to Wifi, flat-screen t.v, private bathtub and bathroom, free toiletries, and bike rental.

where to stay sapa

stay overnight in sapa

Sapa where to stay

Check reviews and rates HERE.

May Sapa Hotel

Guests will have free Wifi and access to the terrace that overlooks the mountains. There is also an onsite restaurant and bar. There will be free toiletries, private bathrooms, and bike rentals.

Best Sapa hotel

Where to stay Sapa

Sapa hotel

Check reviews and rates HERE

Silk Path Grand Resort and Spa Sapa

This Sapa resort has a pool, family rooms, free Wifi, a spa, and a bar. Guests can also enjoy the sauna and the hot tub. This hotel is great for families as it has a playground and a fitness center. There are bike rentals available as well.

Sapa hotel with hot tub

Sapa hotel with pool

Sapa hotel with swimming pool

Best place to stay sapa vietnam


Best place to stay in sapa

Check reviews and rates HERE

Sapa House Hotel

This hotel has a bar, restaurant, and free Wifi. There is a bike rental service as well as room options with a balcony. 

where to stay sapa

best sapa hotel

best sapa hotel vietnam

Check reviews and rates HERE.

Tavan Ethnic Homestay

Guests will get an authentic Sapa experience at this homestay. The property is pet-friendly, has free Wifi, shared bathrooms, and some rooms with a view of the mountains.

Best sapa homestay

Best homestay sapa vietnam

Sapa where to stay

Sapa homestay

Homestay in Sapa

Best place to stay in sapa

Check reviews and rates HERE.

Freedom Homestay

Guests here can enjoy the garden, barbecue, free Wifi, a communal kitchen, and an on-site restaurant. This area is also popular for hiking and fishing. 

sapa vietnam homestay

Best local stay in sapa

Sapa homestay

Best sapa homestay experience

Best homestay sapa

Check reviews and rates HERE.

Chapa Dew Boutique Hotel

Guests can enjoy free Wifi, an onsite bar and restaurant, family rooms, and beautiful views of the Sapa mountains.

where to stay sapa

best sapa hotel

Sapa where to stay

sapa accommodation

Check reviews and rates HERE.

Sapa Legend Hotel & Spa

Guests can enjoy an onsite restaurant and bar as well as a spa. There is a bike rental service as well as free Wifi. 

Sapa vietnam hotel

Sapa vietnam best hotel

best hotel sapa

Best sapa resort

Sapa vietnam spa

best Sapa spa

Check reviews and rates HERE. 

 Did I forget any great hotels in Sapa? Please let me know in the comments.


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