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Workshop: A Place For Personal Growth and Gaining Skills in Melbourne, Australia

January 19, 2016
Workshop, melbourne Australia

Maybe your college degree is failing you. Perhaps you are starved for a creative outlet. Is it possible that you could benefit from a new hobby other than snuggling with your cat? If this is resonating with you, as it certainly does for me, Workshop in Melbourne may shoot right on up there to the top of your itinerary.   What Is Workshop? The workshop concept was brought to life by Matt and Chester, two friends who wanted to provide…

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The Best Places to Eat And Drink in Melbourne ( Especially If You’re Vegan And Love Hipster Stuff)

January 12, 2016
Where to eat and drink in melbourne, australia

All I did in Melbourne was eat and drink. It’s true. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I had been in Asia for the past two years, but nothing sounded better to me than chugging craft beer and stuffing vegan creations into my face.   And, as I slowly discovered while sipping on coffee at trendy cafes and drooling over cruelty free cupcakes, I loved everything that was hipster too. If you happen to be heading to…

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