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Cooking Thai Food in Chiang Mai

January 24, 2016
How to cook traditional Thai food at Time For Lime

Cooking has never been my strong point. I’m inherently impatient to follow directions and the thought of doing dishes is enough to make me avoid the kitchen altogether.   I had a couple cookbooks when I first moved out on my own but they were treated just like the decorative candles on my shelves-occasionally wiped of dust and put back on display.   For a while, I brushed off my lack of cooking skills as comical and cute but the…

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Workshop: A Place For Personal Growth and Gaining Skills in Melbourne, Australia

January 19, 2016
Workshop, melbourne Australia

Maybe your college degree is failing you. Perhaps you are starved for a creative outlet. Is it possible that you could benefit from a new hobby other than snuggling with your cat? If this is resonating with you, as it certainly does for me, Workshop in Melbourne may shoot right on up there to the top of your itinerary.   What Is Workshop? The workshop concept was brought to life by Matt and Chester, two friends who wanted to provide…

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