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I Left My Boyfriend to Follow My Dreams

December 1, 2015
ha long bay vietnam

Thirteen months to be exact, that’s how long I went without seeing my boyfriend. I saw him on a screen every day but not once did I get to hold his hand or wedge my face into that cozy space between his jaw and shoulder. Leaving Josh wasn’t easy. We had met in high school, fallen in love and have been together ever since. Josh and I were the sickly cute couple, building ginger bread houses at Christmas and carving…

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Getting a Little Too Close To Nature in Bali

November 29, 2015
Bali Nature

I’m scared that an ant is going to crawl into my vagina. Honestly, I really am. Every time I use the toilet, I have to check under the seat before sitting down. Sometimes, when too many antennas pop up from the rim of the bowl, I just pee standing up, my best girl version of it anyway. When Josh and I moved to Bali, we were most impressed by our house. The bathroom was outside and we could take hot…

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