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Cooking Thai Food in Chiang Mai

January 24, 2016
How to cook traditional Thai food at Time For Lime

Cooking has never been my strong point. I’m inherently impatient to follow directions and the thought of doing dishes is enough to make me avoid the kitchen altogether.   I had a couple cookbooks when I first moved out on my own but they were treated just like the decorative candles on my shelves-occasionally wiped of dust and put back on display.   For a while, I brushed off my lack of cooking skills as comical and cute but the…

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Travel Blogger Retreat on Koh Phangan, Thailand

October 30, 2015
Travel Blogger Retreat

I did it! My cheap ass finally decided to man up and invest some money into something that I really believe I can do. I had started a travel blog back in college “This is me Living”, paid my 14 year old, whiz kid cousin to set up my WordPress site and write some code (yeah, he was 14 and taught himself how to code!) and started writing articles. I had the ideas, I had the travel experiences, but I…

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Volunteering With a Thai NGO on Ko Lanta

October 22, 2015
Thai NGO , Koh Lanta

If you want to volunteer with a Thai NGO and you are an animal lover, the Lanta Animal Welfare (LAW) may be your place. Cat lovers, try to hold your composure, there are a lot of friendly felines involved in this post. What is This Thai NGO All About? The Lanta Animal Shelter on the Thai island of Ko Lanta is an organization that works to ease and control the suffering of animals on the island. Through their permanent shelter…

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The Best Places to Network When Living in Chiang Mai

September 21, 2015

Chiang Mai is known for its digital nomad (people who travel and work online) community and after moving here largely due to this fact, I realized that the pool of interesting people in this city goes much deeper. From the entrepreneurs and artists to film makers and teachers living in Chiang Mai, the city is a melting pot of career paths, motivated individuals and inspirations. If you know where to look, the community here is constantly running workshops, meet-ups, free…

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