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Hey! I’m Shannon. I hail from the U.S.A but have been traveling around my country and the world for over 10 years. I have seen over half of the U.S, backpacked around Europe and worked my way from China all the way down to New Zealand. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon and will continue to pump out useful and inspirational content for my readers.


Website Mission Statement

Lives Abroad is a website dedicated to unique, experiential and educational ventures while traveling. I aim to provide content that helps readers learn how to travel more independently, gain useful and marketable skills and learn more deeply about their destinations. OH, and there are plenty of destination guides and personal stories too!


On my blog you can find:

  • Interesting or unique hotel stays


  • Cultural education through cooking classes, city tours, food tastings, art and other education classes


  • Destination guides of what to do, where to eat and drink, where to stay and how to get around


Target Audience

I intend to target readers aged 18-45 who are interested in youth culture, millennial trends, self-improvement, education and life experience. Currently my readership is primarily based in the US, England and Southeast Asia in that order. Most readers are aged 18-30 and a large majority of them are female.


Website Stats

As my stats are constantly changing, it is best to email me for exact numbers. However, as of early 2016, my blog has reached more than 6,000 monthly visitors while being active for less than 1 year.


Social Media

I am constantly growing my social media following but as of January, 2016 my numbers sit at;

Twitter: 4,932

Instagram: 3,474

Facebook: 651

Pinterest: 60



I am available for reviews of your services and products

I mainly focus on:

  • Travel gadgets and technology: Photo and video equipment
  • Travel clothing, gear and accessories
  • Off the beaten track tourism
  • Workshops and classes: cooking, art, DIY, wine and beer making
  • Tours with a focus on the environment or animals
  • Volunteer vacations
  • Unique or experiential accommodations
  • Unique vegan dining experiences


Press Trips & Brand Partnerships

I am available to support your brand or write stories on your behalf that relate to:

  • Unique or off the beaten track activities, tours and accommodations
  • Workshops, classes and volunteer vacations
  • Couples travel
  • Products and services that relate to women travel or travel in general
  • Animal, nature and cultural encounters


I can produce articles and photography that can be used on my site or a third party site.


*Note: While it is not a focus on my site, I am highly qualified to write about couples travel, expat living, digital nomad life, eco-friendly travel and slow travel.


Freelance Writing

I am available for paid freelance writing assignments that pertain to but are not limited to:

  • World destinations (Especially Asia, USA and New Zealand)
  • Independent Travel
  • Traveling as a couple
  • Traveling as a digital nomad
  • Expat living
  • Slow travel
  • Vegan diet and lifestyle
  • Teaching English in Asia
  • Craft beer


Guest Posting

I am available to write guest posts for other bloggers both paid and unpaid depending on the site’s stats in relation to any of the previous topics


Social Media Coverage

I am available to run social media campaigns to help promote your product or service if it aligns with:

  • Experiential accommodation
  • Vegan dining experiences
  • Eco-friendly nature or animal encounters
  • Workshops/classes
  • Volunteer vacations


Travel Related Reviews

I am available to give reviews/testimonials on third party sites such as Tripadvisor for travel related products and services


Travel Photography

I am available to provide professional, DSLR photos that I already own or am commissioned to take for a set fee


Guidelines For Sponsored Posts/Advertisers/ Advertorials

I will only advertise for products and services that I believe are of high quality

If emailing me about one of these services, please attach a link to what you want me to support so that I can evaluate if it is a good fit.

Also, please be specific when emailing and provide the;

-Type of advertising you are looking for (sponsored post, sidebar ad, links)

-Specific product with links and info


Contact Me

For more info about PR and advertising opportunities please email me at