Workshop: A Place For Personal Growth and Gaining Skills in Melbourne, Australia

January 19, 2016
Workshop, melbourne Australia

Maybe your college degree is failing you. Perhaps you are starved for a creative outlet. Is it possible that you could benefit from a new hobby other than snuggling with your cat?
If this is resonating with you, as it certainly does for me, Workshop in Melbourne may shoot right on up there to the top of your itinerary.


Workshop, melbourne Australia

Learning building skills

What Is Workshop?

The workshop concept was brought to life by Matt and Chester, two friends who wanted to provide people an opportunity to gain life skills and learn about alternative art.



Workshop is essentially a venue that offers affordable and short classes on various topics from woodworking, drawing and knitting to bicycle maintenance, networking skills and 3D printing.


Workshop, melbourne Australia

The guys behind Workshop

Classes are led by local teachers, experts and artists and are frequented by members of the community as well as travelers who are interested in learning and creating.


They Exist And It’s Important

Workshop is more than just another option on a rainy day or a cute date idea. The fact that they exist is actually quite important and a reflection on how people (especially young people) are changing in the ways in which they are adapting to society.


People Are Encouraged to be Busy

Society typically tells us that to be busy is to be productive and successful. With people always racing against the clock from the time they wake up until they hit the pillow, there is little time left to learn for pleasure, enjoy a hobby or produce something creative just for the sake of it.


The ability to schedule a class allows people to re-incorporate these ideas back into their lives in a way that they are used to dividing up their time.


Workshop, melbourne Australia

Candle Making

People Don’t Know How to Physically Do Things Anymore

If our bicycle breaks, we take it to the shop. When we want a new piece of furniture, we head to the store. We are taught to depend on others to fix our problems and encouraged to be good consumers and buy everything that we need.


Classes like the ones Workshop offers allows you to take back some independence by learning how to grow your own food, design your own clothes and create your own entertainment.



DIY Culture is Flourishing

In a time of student debt (Especially in America), lack of jobs and high prices, it seems that the DIY culture is making a huge comeback. Young people especially are starting to make a connection between a poor quality of life and having a bunch of expensive, brand spanking new stuff.


Now, more and more individuals and businesses are starting to re-use and do it themselves instead of shelling out cash. In fact, it seems to be what’s trendy at the moment as sites like Pinterest are taking off, thrift store shopping is on the rise and cute cafes are using hand-made furnishings, decorations and recycled Absolute bottles as cups.


Workshop, melbourne Australia

A lesson on bicycle maintenance

It Makes Education Affordable

Education is expensive these days; so much so that students are finding it crippling. With Workshop’s affordable classes, students don’t have to take out loans and go into debt to learn a skill that could land them a job or help them make money through their own entrepreneurial ventures.



It Encourages Art And Creativity

Creativity often gets packed down deep when money issues, success ladders and societal pressures start creeping into life’s big picture.


Workshop helps to encourage creativity and art production amongst a community of passionate and like minded people. Like Workshop representative Haley said,

“This project can remind people that everyone can be creative. It will help them strip away the stories they tell themselves.”


Contribution to a Community

Workshop classes not only help you gain skills but also to interact with your community in a social way. Instead of meeting new people at the bar and socializing over expensive cocktails, the community now has a place to come together over an activity that may serve them better.


Workshop, melbourne Australia

Still life drawing

What Kinds of Classes Can You Take?

There are currently over 300 classes offered at Workshop and you can pretty much bet that you will uncover something that you can find useful or entertaining. While I won’t list hundreds of them, here are just a few that may get you inspired to sign up.
Digital Pattern Design
• Communicating With Confidence
• Terrarium Making
• Life Drawing
• Great Sex Matters
• Candle Making
• Creating Branded Content For Your Business
• Fermenting and Gut Health
• Shibori Dying
• How to Write a Press Release
• Beer Guide


Workshop, melbourne Australia

What Else Are They Doing?

If you aren’t in Melbourne, don’t fret! Workshop has venues in Sydney and Brisbane too and collectively, they are offering even more than just classes.


The Makery

Located in Sydney, The Makery is a store front that allows a select amount of creators to sell their projects to the public. They have a space in which they can decorate themselves and will have opportunities to meet the people buying their work. Also, all the money made goes right to the artist.


Venue Hire

The Workshop venue itself is extremely versatile and open for the public to rent out. Whether it’s a workshop as a corporate team building event or a party, you can count on a space that is capable of being turned into exactly what you need. If you have an opening or a pop-up event, Workshop may be the place to have it.
-Hens and Bucks Activities (Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties)
Workshop also offers classes aimed at those who are getting ready to tie the knot. Instead of strip clubs and cocktail bars, you can gather at Workshop to make something dedicated to your big day or just learn a new skill together.



What do you think about Workshop? Is it Important that this exists? Do you know of something like this in your home city? Please let me know!

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