5 Reasons Why Traveling Makes You More Dateable (Says New Survey)

February 12, 2018
How to get more dates

You can become more dateable.

And, it won’t involve reading self-help books or beauty routines.

In fact, you can become more dateable without putting much work in at all.

All you have to do is travel more.

Contiki, a global millennial travel company, surveyed over 3,000 18-35 year olds and found that people who traveled more have better relationships and are more dateable.

Here’s why:

Travelers Are Better At Problem Solving And Overcoming Obstacles

How to get more dates

Photo: Andreas Selter via Unsplash 

Traveling ain’t easy.

Whether it’s a missed flight, language barrier, or cultural mishap, there’s always a problem to solve.

Travelers get used to it and find creative ways to resolve their issues.

They NEED to become great problem solvers because travelers are far away from home, don’t have many resources, and can’t get bailed out by friends and family.

Obstacles creep up all of the time too. But, travelers learn to persevere.

They’ve made a long journey and probably spent a good bit of money doing it. Most travelers won’t let a few obstacles ruin their trip.

Relationships, they are full of problems and obstacles too.

But, those in a successful one know how to navigate these issues.

According to the survey, 63% of people who travel say that it has helped their ability to solve problems and overcome obstacles in their relationship.

Most couples will face a rut now and then, but those who travel know how to push through them.  

Travelers Are Happier

People who are happy with themselves tend to be happier in relationships too.

Being happy makes arguments with your SO less likely.

And, it will make you feel good about yourself, which will give you more confidence in the relationship.

The study found that people who travel are 19% more likely to be happy. This, makes it way more likely that you’ll be happier with your partner too.

Plus, happy people usually come off as more attractive.

It’s probably all of the freedom, beautiful landscapes, and incredible experiences of travel that bring all that joy.

Travelers Are Accepting Of Other Perspectives

Couples often find it difficult to accept their partner’s life perspective.

It’s a common problem that often ruins entire relationships.

Being open minded in a relationship can be difficult.

Family backgrounds, economic status, and religion can be hard to accept.

However, Contiki found that travelers are 7% more likely to be accepting of different life perspectives and beliefs.

This makes it easier for them to understand their partners and deal with their differences.

Travelers Tend to Be More Satisfied With Their Life Choices

A life of travel is a risk, and people who decide to take the leap usually end up satisfied with their decision.

In fact, a life of travel goes against the norm, and those who decide to take this path are making a conscious decision.

These people aren’t looking at their Instagram feed and wishing that they were living different lives. They are the ones posting those drool-worthy travel photos.

With the ability to go anywhere, travelers have endless options but choose destinations that they think they’ll love.

Contiki found that travelers are 10% more likely to be more satisfied in their relationships too.

A life on the move means that they will meet new people all of the time. Travelers can have flings, meet partners from exciting cultures, and have fun with no strings attached.

When a traveler decides to settle down with someone, it’s probably because they genuinely want to.

Travelers Are Often More Confident  

To pack a bag, hop on a plane and walk right into a foreign culture takes confidence. You have to have some level of confidence in yourself to willingly wander into unfamiliar places.

Travelers know that they probably will have a tough time communicating, won’t be able to read street signs, and spend a ridiculous amount of time being confused. But, they have enough confidence in themselves to know that they’ll figure it out.

According to Contiki’s study, 76% of travelers say that they are more confident because of travel. Navigating a subway system in Chinese or successfully asking where the bathroom is in French builds immense confidence.

After riding a camel through the Negev Desert without falling off, asking someone on a date doesn’t seem so scary. This confidence tends to find its way into relationships as well.


Travel offers life changing and educational experiences. But, taking more trips can help you be a better partner when it comes to relationships too. It’s all about self-development and perspective, with an added dash of culture, epic photos, and beautiful memories.

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