Baha Style – How to Visit The Beautiful Bahamas on a Budget

June 6, 2018
Visit the Bahamas on a budget

The Bahamas are just for the super-rich, no? Well, you might be surprised to learn that you can enjoy a getaway to the sun-drenched Bahamas, even if you are not a multi-millionaire. There are plenty of amazing things you can do whilst on holiday that don’t necessarily have to break the budget.

From exhilarating action to total relaxation, the Bahamas has something for everyone, whether you are just chasing the sun, seeking to indulge your foodie tendencies, or wanting to try your hand at water sports.

Visit the Bahamas on a budget

Photo: Vincent Lock via Flickr

One of the biggest costs when travelling to the Bahamas is the travel to get there. However, this can be curtailed by booking way in advance of when you are scheduled to travel. Research from the likes of Skyscanner indicates that some of the best flights to book are those that depart on Tuesdays.

For the best possible deals, sign up to travel deal websites like Dealchecker and Travelzoo and visit price checker travel websites like Expedia and

Sometimes it is more cost-effective to sail to the Bahamas; if you have more time, then you might consider a cruise. Some cruises from the US to the Bahamas start from as little as $100 a day and can even include meals.

Visit the Bahamas on a budget

Photo: CL Photographs via Flickr

Accommodations in the Bahamas don’t have to be eye-wateringly expensive. In fact, you can stay in the very budget-friendly Colony Club Inn & Suites. It is located 17 minutes from the beach, but being able to stay in the Bahamas makes it worth it. It even has a beautiful outdoor swimming pool and suites nestled in a picturesque garden setting.

Most beaches are free in the Bahamas, and you can spend all day there gazing out towards the sea without spending a penny. To make this as cost-effective as possible, pick up some local fruit and snacks in a nearby shop. Our favourite beach of choice? The slightly alarmingly-named ‘Jaws’ beach in Nassau.

Visit the Bahamas on a budget

Photo: Rudiger Stehn via Flickr

If your favourite film is ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, then you should pay a visit to the ‘Pirates of Nassau’ museum. It only costs $13 for admission and is a wonderful way to escape the heat and have some fun, too.

Whilst holidays are all about relaxing and getting away from it all, if lying on a beach all day gets a bit much, you could try taking a course run by the Nassau locals. Perhaps you have always wanted to learn a traditional Caribbean dance or how to cook the local cuisine. Learning a new skill whilst travelling can be incredibly fulfilling.

Whilst the days are very important (hello, sunshine!), the nights are perhaps even more so. The Bahamas are known for being quite the island party, and we are sure that you will want to get involved—and this can absolutely be achieved on a budget. Who doesn’t love a night out?! From delicious food featuring traditional Bahamian cuisine to tasting the rum cocktails, you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy a good night out.

Visit the Bahamas on a budget

Photo: Trish Hartmann via Flickr

Head over to downtown Nassau where you can enjoy a traditional dish of seafood with a local tipple. It’s the perfect combination on a Baha night out!

Hopefully, we have demonstrated that it is possible to experience the beautiful Bahamas on a budget. There are hotels, motels and hostels that are ideal for a budget break, and you can certainly stay at any of these places if you want to watch your daily expenses. Will you be exploring the Bahamas this summer?

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