Epic Things You Can Do In The Bahamas To Make It One Memorable Vacation

April 23, 2019
what to do in the bahamas

It has been a long year. Whether you have been working, studying or attending school you deserve a break from the hustle.  

From the historical streets of Nassau to the eye-catching bays of the Out Islands, the Bahamas is one of a kind. It is definitely the perfect destination for your well-deserved vacation.

There are so many adventures available in the Bahamas. Here are a few epic things you can do during your vacation.

Explore The Waves

what to do in the bahamas

Without any doubt, it can be said the Bahamas have the best beaches. It is what attracts most tourists.

There is a wide range of unique beaches throughout the archipelago. If you are on a family vacation this is a great bonding environment as you can quality time with each other while exploring the waves and strolling on the beach.

Nothing is better than the sound of lapping waves crashing against the rocks. Why not take advantage of this picture-perfect beauty environment and snap a few family photos.

As lovely as the beauty of the white beaches is, there is something even more breathtaking. You can find a stunning view of beaches on both Cat Island as well as Harbour Island. These beaches each have their own unique colors to them.

Meet The Dolphins

what to do in the bahamas

If you are an animal lover, you will fall in love with the Bahamas wildlife. There is a variety of thriving life on the islands as well as below the water’s surface.

To get closer to the wildlife head over to Dolphin Clay in Nassau Bahamas. You will be given an incredible opportunity to swim with the dolphins. If this not a once in a lifetime experience I don’t know what is.

The water is shallow and the dolphins are calm. Tour guides with information about these amazing creatures will also be made available to you. swimming with the dolphin is definitely on my bucket list.

Hop Islands By Plane

what to do in the bahamas

If you have some extra cash and want to enjoy your vacation to the fullest, treat yourself to an unforgettable experience. Hop the different islands by plane.

You will be able to admire the marvelous beauty whether you explore the bustling streets of Nassau Bahamas or uncover the Pink Sands Beach in the Out Islands.

The best way to experience the Bahamas to the fullest is an air tour. This will provide you a sense of freedom while you admire the outstanding views from above. You won’t regret it!

Swim With Exuma Pigs

what to do in the bahamas

Exuma pigs are rather unlikely to be found beneath the waters however, you could spot them exercising their swimming skills.

Head on over to the island of Staniel Cay to find one of the most famous Bahamas attractions. Yes, that is right, I am talking about the Exuma swimming pigs.

There is a tale which says the pigs were left on the island many years ago. They were left there to reserve source of food. Other tales suggest there may have been pigs aboard a ship which sank near the island.

Whether the tales are true or not, many people would say it is worth the trouble of visiting the swimming pigs. It is definitely one of the most epic things to do in the Bahamas.

If you’d like to interact with them I suggest you offer them some food. Perhaps you’ll see the pigs paddling through the waters while you are relaxing in a speedboat.

Ride The Water Slides

what to do in the bahamas

One hidden attraction of the colossal Atlantis Bahamas Resort is the Paradise Island Water Park. It is located on the northern fringes of Nassau.

Riding the water slides should definitely be on the vacation bucket list. It will be a day of fun and is family-friendly in case you have children with you on the vacation. From slides to splash pools the entertainment is never ending.

If you are an adrenaline junkie you should try out the Leap of Faith. It shoots you out swiftly down the terraces of an Aztec temple. Of course, the temple isn’t real but it’s still pretty cool.

If you do not have children with you, there are also adult-only pools, bars as well as grotto pools available. Perhaps you’d enjoy some relaxing time along the lazy river and shimmering white beaches.

With these epic activity ideas in mind, you will without any doubt, experience the best Bahamas vacation ever. Whatever you decide to do keep safe and enjoy your relaxing time.

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