A New Zealand Farm Stay: Rare Breed Animals and Craft Workshops

March 29, 2016
New Zealand farm stay and craft classes

Baby alpacas. I repeat, BABY, alpacas.
Barely able to stand on their new sets of legs, and awkwardly running to chase birds is what I watched these little cuties do every day that I woke up on Warwickz Farm.

New Zealand farm stay and craft classes

A little baby!

Driving around New Zealand, there are clearly more farms than towns and more sheep than people. Seemingly a huge part of their culture, I wanted to get out of the van, away from the tourist sites and onto a farm.
I wanted to pet a sheep god dammit so a New Zealand farm stay seemed to be my best bet.
I sifted through a lot of farm stays but when I found Warwickz Farm, it seemed different, unique– my kind of deal. With its stock of over 200 rare breed animals and craft classes, I figured I could get in my dose of education while getting an authentic yet quirky New Zealand experience.

New Zealand farm stay and craft classes

Warwickz Farm Stay

This rare breed animal farm is the baby of Elaine and Chris, a married couple who run the farm completely on their own. They got into rare animal breeds and now work to help conserve various species from alpacas and goats to pigs and chickens.


New Zealand farm stay and craft classes

While Chris and Elaine both take care of the animals, Elaine also uses their wool to create hand-made crafts and clothing for visitors and themselves. With both of their talents and interests together, Warwickz Farm Stay has evolved into quite a unique and interesting New Zealand destination.

New Zealand farm stay and craft classes

“Native” New Zealand Pig

In fact, even the prop crew of Lord Of The Rings paid them a visit to source turkey feathers and raw materials to make props for the movie. Here is what this farm has to offer its guests.
• 200 animals with 40 breeds and 20 species
• Mini horses, arapawa sheep, gotland pelt sheep, donkey, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, peacocks and loads more
• Garden tours
• Farm tours including feeding the animals
• Craft classes
• A shop with handmade goods from the farm animals
• A crystal collection
• Bed & Breakfast accommodation for singles, couples and families

New Zealand farm stay and craft classes

The Experience

What we didn’t realize until we arrived was that this farm stay was a private ordeal. It sunk in when we first pulled into the driveway and saw a welcome sign with only our names on it. After meeting with Chris in the driveway, he showed us where to park the van and led us to the big red barn, our apparently private getaway by the alpaca paddocks.

New Zealand farm stay and craft classes
We put down our bags and had a look around. It was romantic, it was on a NZ farm and there were baby alpacas roaming around. We were happy.
Chris gave us some time to get settled and let it sink in to our modern minds that we were in for starry nights, silent days and a WIFI free world.
Even though we had the choice to put it off until the next day, I wanted in with the animals and Chris took us on our farm tour.


New Zealand farm stay and craft classes

Our home on the farm

I wasn’t exactly keeping track but it must of took us over 3 hours to complete as I threw hoards of questions at him. I got to finally pet a sheep, feed almost everyone, hear some comical farm tales and see a baby alpaca up close and personal. Honestly, Chris even picked him up for me so I could pet his little face!


New Zealand farm stay and craft classes

Breakfast delivery

The tour ended back in the barn with a show of some of Elaine’s creations, an impressive crystal collection and few knick knacks from the farm.
While we totally dug the tour, we spent the rest of our time just relaxing and existing, something we don’t do often in our digital nomad travels.

New Zealand farm stay and craft classes

We woke up when we wanted, ate Vegemite and toast for breakfast and saved some of our leftovers to give to the pigs as a snack. We picked up some wine at the neighboring winery during the day, had Indian food in the neighboring town for dinner and soaked up the farm life, swan gangs, testosterone fueled alpacas and all.


The Bed & Breakfast

Not everyone who visits this NZ farm goes for the Bed & Breakfast but if you want the full experience, a night or two is worth the $155 it costs per stay. The barn is decorated in some old farmhouse flare with all of the homey amenities and an adjoining bathroom.

New Zealand farm stay and craft classes
It is completely private and there will be no other guests other than who you bring along. In fact, if you are traveling as a family, there are two extra rooms that can be used to accommodate children or parents too.
Breakfast is delivered at a time of your choice and will include multi-grain toast, a variety of spreads, cereal and milk, yogurt and cold juice.

The Location

This New Zealand farm is located about 40 minutes outside of Christchurch. It is close to neighborhoods with public libraries, restaurants and wineries. It is surrounded by the southern alps (making it a fantastic winter destination for New Zealand snowboarding and skiing) and is right on route to Author’s Pass National Park.


What Can You Learn At This Farm Stay?

If you want to learn new skills while staying on the farm, make sure to book a craft class with Elaine. She can teach you how to spin fibers into ready to use material, make felt and objects out of it, quilting and more. Just ask!
You will also learn plenty about farm life, taking care of animals, living off the land and rare breeds.

New Zealand farm stay and craft classes

Baby paca!

Who Would Enjoy This New Zealand Farm Stay?

• Vet students
• Aspiring farmers
• People who love crafts
• Aspiring fashion designers
• Couples
• Families
• Those who love the outdoors
• Animal lovers

New Zealand farm stay and craft classes

How To Make a Booking

Since the B&B is private and there is only one tour guide, make sure to send an email to warwickzfarm@warwickzfarm.com or give them a call at 643 325 4116 OR 643 211 411903.


At Warwickz Farm, you will not only get an authentic, New Zealand experience, but you will leave with two new friends and a whole lot of knowledge.

New Zealand farm stay and craft classes


New Zealand farm stay and craft classes

Note: My two night stay at Warwickz Farm was complimentary. However, all opinions and adorable animal pictures are my own.

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  • Wanderlustingk March 29, 2016 at 11:24 pm

    BABY ALPACASS. I LOVE BABY ALPACAS. I actually stayed an alpaca farm recently, just to see the baby alpacas. This was great and I’d definitely consider staying here to see the baby alpacas. <3 Great photos.

    • Livesabroad March 29, 2016 at 11:29 pm

      They were so cute! One of them was so new and still getting used to his legs that he just toppled over for no reason. <3 Thanks for reading!


  • Psychic Nest May 10, 2016 at 7:04 pm

    Hi Shannon,

    What a beautiful experience! Those baby alpacas are so adorable! Oh my, my business schedule is so tight for the next months, I so want to visit this farm! The room looks amazing as well and I would also love to see the beautiful art. Thank you for the review and the lovely photos!


    • Livesabroad May 10, 2016 at 7:43 pm

      Thanks Zaria! A beautiful experience is a really great way to describe it. And, baby alpaca action made it even better. I hope you get the chance to visit them or at least have a similar experience. Working is fantastic but I think we should always make time for play!


  • Kayleigh Zeeff May 19, 2016 at 9:14 am

    Hi there!
    First, I love your blog. It’s so uplifting and helpful! I’m new to the life of traveling, but people like you make me realize how many opportunities are out there. I saw you post in the Project Alpha group (I’m a fellow Alpha-ite!) and knew I had to check this out. With that being said, this farm has officially been added to my bucket list. No, really. I just wrote it down. Alpacas are my FAVORITE animals on earth, and I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand and be among the kiwis! This made my day, haha.

    Keep up the great work! 🙂

    • Livesabroad May 19, 2016 at 3:10 pm

      Hey Kayleigh! Thanks for reading! I’m so happy to connect with someone else on the project because I’m really excited about it. The farm stay was lovely and you will have tons of alpaca action. I really hope you make it to NZ soon because it was incredible. Let me know if you end up going and I can give you ALL the tips!