Glamping NY: How To Have An Eco-Friendly Glamping Experience in Upstate New York

March 28, 2018
Glamping in NY

I went glamping in upstate New York this past weekend. It was my first experience with Glamping Hub (basically the AirBnB of glamping properties) and was able to find the perfect cabin.


My friend and her dog came along and we spent the weekend surrounded by woodlands. We were looking for an eco-friendly glamping experience, and that is just what we got. Looking to go glamping in NY? Here’s what it’s like.


Where To Go Glamping in NY

Glamping in NY


This cabin was located in Saugerties, NY, right in the Hudson River Valley. It only took me 15 minutes to drive from the property to the main town of Saugerties, and 30 minutes to drive to Woodstock. I was interested in taking a weekend trip from Philadelphia, and this cabin fit the bill as it took about 3 ½ hours to reach.

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What The Property Was Like

Glamping in NY

Set on 100 acres of woodland, this cabin was perfectly secluded, but close enough to supplies, restaurants, and entertainment. My host, Carin, called it ‘Thoreau’s Cabin,’ and that’s honestly what it felt like.

Made completely of wood, the small cabin has a main room for cooking and relaxing, and a loft for sleeping. The back door is made completely of glass so that you can look out into the woods during the day. The walls were dotted with colorful, stained glass windows, and the rustic furniture fit in just perfectly with the woodwork.

Glamping in NY

There’s a wood-burning stove to keep the place warm, and a vent in the floor of the loft so the heat rises to keep you warm at night. A stone slab is used as a table top, and the built-in desk is stacked with books like “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari,” and “The Best Hikes In Hudson Valley.”

Glamping in NY

The cabin has its own outhouse just a few feet from the door, as well as a fire pit, picnic table, and a grill. We drove, so we were able to park our car right in front of the cabin, as it has a little driveway.


Our Glamping Experience In NY


We drove up to the cabin on Friday evening, and followed Carin’s specific directions to reach the property. The highways were dark, winding, and heavily wooded. Arriving after 11pm in the evening, we found Thoreau’s Cabin, and started to unpack our stuff.

Glamping in NY

The cabin had electricity so we turned on the lamp, blew up our air mattress, and set up the bed. I had packed a trunk-full of firewood, so we got the stove going and slept in the loft. Visiting in the end of March meant that the weather would still be a bit chilly, but that first night we stayed pretty warm in the loft.

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We woke up to tons of natural sunlight and made some oatmeal on the electric cooker. Eating breakfast outside on the picnic table warmed us up to the chilly weather before setting out for the day. We drove to the town of Saugerties and checked out some book shops, thrift stores, coffee shops, and restaurants. After filling up on Mexican food and sangrias, we took the dog for a walk to the Saugerties lighthouse.


Glamping in NY

Tired from our late night before, we headed back to the cabin for a nap. This is when I met the owners, Carin, and her husband. They filled me in on the property and all of their ongoing projects. A single mother and her young daughter were building a tipi as their home for the summer. They had another cabin for rent, and a family, living in a tiny home on their property for the past three years.

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Their land was home to a cabin that was built by an NGO helping disabled children enjoy nature. And, Carin was about to meet with a man from Nepal who wanted to tour the land to see if it would be a good fit to build a cabin of his own. Carin told me that they planned on filling the property with interesting residents and a vegetable garden for everyone to grow their own food. It gave me a whole new appreciation for the property.


Glamping in NY


That evening we explored Woodstock, went back to Saugerties for some drinks, and went to bed early, a bit colder than the night before. We headed back home early as it was too cold for the hike we wanted to do. Visiting Thoreau’s Cabin when it’s cold was lovely, but I would have preferred to visit during the summer months (I guess I’ll just have to come back!)

Glamping in NY

Why Was It An Eco-Friendly Glamping Experience?


Part of the reason I chose to go glamping at Thoreau’s Cabin was because it was eco-friendly. Here’s why:


Wood Burning Stove


This allowed us to keep the cabin warm without using tons of electricity or fuel. It kept off the chill and made our stay in late March more enjoyable.


Compostable Outhouse


The outhouse allowed us to avoid using excess water. Plus, the hosts composted the material so that they could use it elsewhere on the property.


Plenty of Outdoor Activities


Part of an eco-friendly travel experience is finding activities to do in nature. This entire region is full of hiking trails and natural attractions. While it was too cold for many of them, there’s enough to keep you busy during the summer months.

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Glamping in upstate NY was the perfect balance between roughing it and comfort. I’ll definitely be back to check out the Hudson River Valley in the summer months and maybe even stay in Thoreau’s Cabin again!

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