The Most Cannabis-Friendly Cities To Travel To In The U.S.A

March 23, 2019
420 friendly cities

By: Alexis Ortiz

With the legalization of recreational marijuana use continuing to grow throughout the United States, the amount of people using cannabis has also developed immensely. This has allowed the marijuana industry to expand and grow at a rapid rate. 

Although, there are still many laws that prohibit the use of cannabis in a public setting, there are also laws that allow you to already be high while out, you just have to be 21 and over.

We have curated a list of cities that are the most 420 friendly in the United States, along with cannabis friendly activities and places to visit while you are there.

Denver, Colorado

With Cannabis Week approaching, there is no doubt about thousands of cannabis lovers taking a trip to the Mile High City. As the first state to legalize marijuana, Colorado has an endless list of 420 friendly activities to do.

One of the most popular events taking place, is the Mile High 420 Festival. This is a free festival and just an overall good time, celebrating cannabis culture.

If you are looking to relax while embracing the 420 holiday, take an elevating yoga class at Secret Stash yoga. Although, cannabis is widely celebrated around Denver there are a few precautions and laws to abide by while visiting Queen City.

Pertaining to many legal states , the public use of marijuana in any way — smoking, eating or vaping — isn’t allowed in public places. Something else to keep in mind while in Denver, you must present a valid ID and be 21 and over to purchase any marijuana products. 

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, a place for all your Cannabis dreams. Whether it is being stoned on the beach in Venice, or drinking some cannabis infused coffee in Hollyweed, Los Angeles is the place to be.

Although the consumption of marijuana in public is still illegal in California, it is legal to have your marijuana delivered via any licensed delivery service.

A few activities to do while in the City of Angels include: Gracias Madre, The Headroom Gallery, and Dank Canvas. Dank Canvas is a safe place to “make art while inhaling the advantages of community, art, and benefits of marijuana,” so if getting high with your art teacher is on your bucket list this is a must.

If you are more of a foodie, Gracias Madre, a popular restaurant in LA with vegan cuisine offers a selection of cannabis infused cocktails ( non-psychoactive) so do not be afraid to pair it with another drink or two.

If you are looking for a cheap date night, The Headroom Gallery is a great choice! It is one of the first hot- boxable comedy clubs and is BYOW, even better…it is connected to a dispensary.

Seattle, Washington

The Emerald City, is a great place to enjoy the greenery, and I am not just talking about the nature. Seattle is a great city to unwind, breath in the fresh air and enjoy some weed.

There are some things that are prohibited pertaining to marijuana use in Washington State, such as passing your friend a joint in public or even smoking in public for that matter. Although there are many laws to follow, many are subject to change due to pending legislation.

Being high in public is an okay thing in Washington, and a few cool places to visit while in the Emerald City include: Hempfest, the Fremont Bridge troll, and the Magical Butter food truck. Hempfest is one of the largest festivals in the world that advocates for the destigmatization of marijuana. There are many cool things at Hempfest, such as non-stop speakers, music & 400 arts, crafts, food, and informational vendors.

The Fremont Bridge troll is a great location to go to while stoned and Magical Butter food truck has all the great eats, even a few THC infused dishes. If you are looking for a place to stay, Hotel Thompson has an overall great aesthetic but it is also 420 friendly. 

Portland, Oregon

Need ideas on how to celebrate your first cannabis filled 420 with the girls? Do not fret! The Jupiter Hotel offers its first cannabis friendly hotel package. Included is: a Room at the Jupiter Hotel, the latest issue of Oregon Leaf, a munchie kit, “Everything But The Weed Kit”, and Discount coupons to local dispensaries.

After getting settled in, make sure you and the ladies take time to experience Tokeativity, a cannabis community for women. Guests discuss everything, from sexuality to spirituality.

If you ladies are looking to have a good time without having to go out on the town then sign up for a class at Make and Mary’s. Make and Mary’s is a workshop series that translates the trendy “drink-and-draw” concept to Portland’s legal cannabis space.

Although, recreational marijuana use is legal in Stumptown, make sure you educate yourself on the do’s and don’ts before your fun filled trip with art, music, and of course, weed.

San Francisco, California

The Bay Area, a unique and cultured hub for all that is music, art, and food, sits North of California. It is the only city in the state to fully embrace Amsterdam-like coffee shops, where you can buy and smoke marijuana in the same place.

If you are looking to experience Amsterdam without having to travel to a different country, make sure to stop by Barbary Coast Dispensary. Feeling the munchies? Take a stroll down to the Fisherman’s wharf and pier 39 to indulge in a wide selection of foods and cuisines. It is totally worth it.

Another must visit spot while in San Fran is Mission Dolores Park, it is a great location to mingle with fellow cannabis lovers or just to enjoy your high with the nice bay breeze. Although, San Fran is 420 friendly the use of marijuana is still federally illegal, so something to keep in mind while visiting the bay is to stay aware of the do’s and don’ts of marijuana laws in California.

4/20 is approaching and this is a great opportunity to explore some of the most cannabis friendly cities in the United States. With every state having its own limitations on marijuana laws, we have picked cities in which embody and embrace the cannabis culture.

So grab that lighter and that grinder and take a trip.

Alexis Ortiz is a writer for She focuses on cannabis lifestyle content, especially in the realm of health and wellness.

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