The Top 5 Classes And Workshops to Take in Berlin

June 29, 2016
chocolate making berlin

Berlin has got the history, the culture, the nightlife and the quirky underbelly; leaving visitors with plenty to keep them busy. One visit to the city may not even be enough as the sights and sounds have their way of luring people back again.


If you have been to Berlin before or want to turn your trip into a more well rounded experience, consider taking one of these classes or workshops. You can dive into the city’s culture and come out of your journey with a little bit more education and maybe a new skill or two by the time you leave.

Street Art Workshop & Tour

Berlin is full of street art. The murals on the walls and down the alleyways are actually part of what gives the city its artistic atmosphere and appeal. Alternative Berlin Tours recognizes the allure of the graffiti art and offers a 4 ½ hour adventure that combines both tour and workshop dedicated to the craft. The tour itself will cover more than 50 local and international artists both on the streets and in the studios of artists around the city. Then, the group will be taken back to the workshop which is located in an abandoned margin factory to learn some more. Guests will learn about graffiti art techniques from real artists and have an opportunity to paint for themselves. Before the end of the workshop, each attendee will get to create their own canvas piece that can be taken home with them by the end.

Cacao Workshop

If you love chocolate, this workshop is for you. Belyzium chocolate company runs a schedule of workshops that teaches students everything they ever wanted to know about making chocolate from the plant to the final product. During the 2 hour class, students will learn about cultivation, roasting, preparation, fermentation, export and harvest. All classes are held in both German and English and by the end, participants will be able to take their chocolate creations home with them to eat later or give to a friend.

chocolate making berlin

Source: Belyzium

Art Classes

If you are tired of traveling around the city to explore different art museums, take a break and learn how to make some art of your own. Berlin Art Class is a company that offers English lessons in all types of art work ranging from The Essence of Drawing and Painting to more intensive courses. Classes are held both during the day and in the evening and students will learn everything from different methods and styles to actually practicing the given techniques with practical tools.

Circus Opera

You may have never heard of this discipline before but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try. Charody Productions offers workshops in their Circus Opera Academy to teach you this interesting niche of entertainment. Students will learn how to combine musical and physical theater resulting in extraordinary performances that resemble those of the famed Cirque du Soleil. From utilizing ceiling rings and doing aerial acrobatics to singing, you will leave this workshop with quite a few necessary skills to be a great performer.

Cooking Classes

The knowledge that keeps on giving is usually related to food. What better souvenir than a recipe book full of new ideas that you learned while visiting Berlin? At Goldhahn and Sampson, visitors can come and learn a thing or two in the kitchen while sipping on some wine. Choose from a variety of classes that cover topics from fish, Pavlova and Kombucha to burgers, dim sum, tapas and Middle Eastern classics.

What will you learn on your next visit to Berlin?


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