Travel tips to Enhance your Experience and Unleash Opportunities – But Also Save you Cash!

April 27, 2018
How to save money traveling

Preparing to go travelling is exciting but almost always a little daunting. Preparing routes,
organising where you’ll stay and planning your sight-seeing list are all essential. But there is
one element that daunts most travellers more than any other. Money. As much as we want to
“go with the wind” or “take each moment as it comes” whilst travelling, it can feel
impossible on a tight budget. There are, however, simple steps you can take during your trip,
which will not only save you cash but, more importantly, enhance the overall experience.

Meeting Locals

It’s integral when visiting a new place to try as hard as possible to immerse yourself in the
culture and lifestyle. This can build your confidence, enhance your experience and open you
up to a whole range of new opportunities, which may otherwise remain untapped. By chatting
to locals and finding the authentic experience, it’s a lot easier to discover your temporary home; likewise, how to live affordably, and so, save some cash. Ask the bartender or the baker and try to make friends with locals. Not only will they be able to suggest the best budget experiences but you may have someone new to do them with.

How to save money traveling

Photo: “Market” (CC BY-NC- ND 2.0) by Mathieu Thouvenin

Meeting people online

The internet has opened up a world of potential, especially for globe trotters. Booking travel
tickets, documenting your journey and communicating with loved ones on-the-go is easier
than ever. Tapping into online forums, social media groups and travel networks offers
travellers an instant community. You may find your next life-changing experience or
opportunity through a few taps of the keyboard.

Some travellers take on freelance work whilst travelling. If you’re taking your laptop abroad,
then it may be easy to earn money whilst having the trip of a lifetime. In some instances,
travel becomes a career. As with many photographers, writers and artists, travel may enrich
their craft and, likewise, their craft enriches their experience of travelling.

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How to make traveling easier

Photo: “Golden Ears Provincial Park Light Rays b” (CC BY-NC- ND 2.0) by Michael Matti

Spend more time in fewer places

The most effective way to both enrich your travel experience whilst saving money is to spend more time in fewer places. The concept of ‘slow travel’ is one only mentioned by a few travel experts. The idea is to take more time getting to your destination and, then, once there, to experience everything slowly. Slow travel goes against travel being hectic and stressful, and that we should not feel compelled unwillingly to fit in as many activities or countries as possible. Instead, pick one activity and put more time into it. Not only is this more fulfilling but saves on stress and cash.

Discovering new places is a naturally enriching experience and, often, our most memorable
moments weren’t memorable because they were expensive; they were about people, places
and discovery.

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